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Salman Khan: The Messiah of Math (The Napster of K-12 education?)

May 20, 2011

Giving away effective methods for mastering the world’s knowledge presents a Napster-like challenge for companies such as London-based Pearson and McGraw-Hill, which publish two of the most popular grade-school math textbooks and offer extensive online and digital components. For Pearson, the education segment in North America, comprising textbooks, online products, and test administration, represented $4.2 billion worth of business in 2010; for McGraw-Hill in 2009, it was $2.4 billion. Education Market Research estimates that the K-12 textbook market alone will reach $3.5 billion in the 2010-2011 school year.

The Khan Academy gives it away to 2M users (students).  There are amazing things happening in the education business.

The future of the library: librarians not libraries

May 16, 2011

Open Source Learning

November 27, 2010

Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

November 7, 2010

A very valuable second grade lesson

September 24, 2009

Please, stay in school…

May 1, 2008

Really Really Dumb

Originally uploaded by Tom Turnbull.

Proof that our educational system is dramatically failing our youth. Or, perhaps, this guy is an outlier.

Notice the “rock and roll” sign with the cast.

Well, he’s having a good time.

Language study in US

May 9, 2007

From CBS Evening News

Only 50,000 students study Mandarin now; up from 5,000 in 2001. Small but growing fast.

5MM take Spanish, French and German, the top three studied languages.

Mandarin is becoming seen as a “more useful” language for the future of course.

There is a shortage of teachers.

Japanese language has lost much of its popularity in the US.


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